Yaya Journal 6: Sharing Food

Running On Om

BeyaynetuSharing food during my time in Ethiopia has been a transformative experience. In Ethiopia, many meals are shared from a communal dish in which everyone eats with their right hand. In contrast, growing up in the United States, I had been accustomed to eating with a fork and knife, and from my own plate. As a celiac, I am often cautious about sharing food with others, due to fear of cross contamination from gluten, which could get me very sick. As a vegan, I frequently plan in advance before going out to dinner to make sure that a restaurant has menu options for me. Being a celiac-vegan in Ethiopia has turned out to be very easy and I have been able to enjoy and celebrate sharing food with others.

The communal dish often used to share meals is layered with injera bread, which is made from a powerhouse, gluten-freeā€¦

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