Yaya Girls Group Picture

What was you most valuable learning experience during the program?

Yeshi: GOAL program was the most valuable learning experience for me.

Workinesh L: GOAL program and mushroom training were the best experiences I have got from the program.

Meseret: Mushroom training, English class and GOAL were good things.

Hana: English class and GOAL program (especially leadership).

Workinesh D: GOAL program.




What are you going to miss after you leave?

Yeshi: I will miss everything, even our fights, but most of all dining together with the girls. 

Workinesh L: I will miss living together with the girls.

Meseret: Our unity and living together with the girls. 

Hana: Our dinnertime and I will miss Hannah Borenstein. 

Workinesh D: My friends and living with them.



Workinesh L

What has been your favorite part of the program? 

Yeshi: My running training was my favorite part, because it helps me improve my running.

Workinesh L: My running training was the only favorite thing in the program.

Meseret: Running

Hana: GOAL program was my favorite part of the program. 

Workinesh D: The mushroom farm was my favorite.



Did the program change your view or opinion about being and woman, and how?

Yeshi: Yes! Before the GOAL program I always thought women are not equal with man. I always thought/believed that men are superior, but after GOAL that has completely changed and now I know women are equal with men and sometimes even better and wiser in decision making.

Workinesh L: Yes, but not that much, because these days the media and everyone is talking about gender equality and I had awareness. Yes GOAL program added value to what I used to know.

Meseret: Yes, it did change my opinion. Before Yaya I always gave priority for men and believed men are better than women, but now I believe we are all equal and there is nothing a woman cannot do that man does. 

Hana: Yes, before I came to Yaya I never thought that woman can be independent both financially and psychologically, but now this is all changed.

Workinesh D: Yes, before I came to Yaya I used to be ashamed to talk about the menstruation and I thought that it’s not even right to talk about it, but after GOAL program I learned that it’s okay to talk about it and she has every right to decide about her body and that nothing makes her less that men.



What is you plan/what do you want to do after the program?

Yeshi: Immediately after the program I’m going to start the mushroom farm with my friend.

Workinesh L: Start mushroom farm with my friends and want to set an example for the next group of Yaya Girls.

Meseret: I have a plan to work with my friend and run, too.

Hana: I want to start a business.

Workinesh D: To work with my friends.


Workinesh D

What is your dream for the future? 

Yeshi: I have this big dream to start my own business and help the disadvantaged women, especially those who work as housemaids.

Workinesh L: I want to show the world that the thing we start in small with my friends will grow big and I want to be a role model for the women in Ethiopia.

Meseret: To be successful with both running and business.

Hana: To be successful in whatever I do.

Workinesh D: To work hard in the mushroom farm and make it a big business.


What advice do you have for the new group of the Yaya Girls?

Yeshi: I will them to tolerate one another and to live in harmony.

Workinesh L: I will tell them that they can do everything while they are running. Before I came to Yaya I thought that if I run I cannot do anything just focus on running, but now that has been changed.in Ethiopia.

Meseret: I will advise them not only to focus on the running. They have to work too, because I learn everyone can do their running training beside other things.

Hana: I will advise them to respect each other and to be good to each other and to do all this they have to be patient.

Workinesh D: I advise them to live with love and harmony and to tolerate each other.Journey to Entoto


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