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Sponsor Us! 

I’ve you are interested in sponsoring the Yaya Girls you can donate now, here through our Yaya btn_donateCC_LGGirls Paypal account. The Yaya Girls is a non-profit that launched in 2012. On average it costs us $1,000 USD to sponsor a girl for a trimester.  Currently we host six girls per trimester.

The $1,000 sponsorship per girls covers: the girls room and board for 4-months, including three meals a days; the costs for educational materials; helps pay the Yaya Girls staff including our program facilitator Banchi Desalegn, Coach Ayu, our lovely cook Yoordanos, message therapy from Itag and stipends for our program coordinator Hannah; community outreach and awareness; and, in facilitating our vocational skills component. The Yaya Girls is a small organization and every dollar counts!

For more information or a sample one-month budget do not hesitate to get in touch with our executive director at

Working for the Yaya Girls

We love to welcome new staff to our team! We are looking for independent, strong individuals who want to help transform the lives of Ethiopian girls. An interest in running is a must.

All incoming Yaya Girls staff are required to run an online peer-to-peer crowdsourcing fundraiser that raise a minimum of $4,000 USD. Those funds are used to sponsor additional Yaya Girls scholarships. It will also help cover the cost of the staffs’ flight and lodging during their stay in Ethiopia. All of our fundraising currently comes through each new staff member who is added to a team, so having an eager willingness and plan for how to raise funds is an essential part of joining the team.

The minimum requirement for YG staff is a 3-4 month stay.

Visit Us!

If you are in Ethiopia, or are planning a trip to Ethiopia, do not hesitate to visit us. Please send us an email to let us know when you might want to visit so that we can coordinate with our staff and the girls! If you are interested in staying at the Yaya Village Hotel, check out their website at or send an email to